⚔️Kill Streaks

The best kill streaks plugin on the market.

⭐ Description

Have you ever wanted to be able to interact with the community a little bit more? Now you can.

With our efficiently made technology, you can easily start a game, start a giveaway, and have a one in a kind experience.

The plugin consists of efficiently made kill streaks where when you kill a player a set amount of times, you'll be given a prize which is set in a configuration file. All of the messages are configurable to ensure an awesome user experience as well as supports chat color and hex color codes.

📄 Commands and Features

We offer a variety of commands and features as well as configuration in the plugin as you can see below.

  • Player information like kills, deaths, current kill streak, and highest kill streak are saved into a MongoDB database.

  • Prizes are given to a player depending on what's their kill streak.

  • Death messages have been removed and custom ones have been added.

    • Death messages for if a player dies by themselves and if they're killed by another player.

  • 99.9% configurability.

  • Supports chat color and hex color codes.

✅ Dependencies

We suggest for you to use PaperSpigot 1.20 for the best experience, but you can see anymore dependencies below.

  • None.

💵 Price

All of our plugins come with 24/7 support, feel free to make a support ticket in our Discord server if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

  • Jar: $10

  • Source code: $50

Do you want to test the plugin? Join our test server at dev.loganmagnan.com on Minecraft 1.20.

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