Hub Core

The best hub core on the market.

⭐ Description

Have you ever wanted to easily connect servers together and have fun in the hub? Now you can.

With our efficiently made technology, you can easily setup the server selector, add as many cosmetics which you want to be in it, and have a one in a kind experience.

📄 Commands and Features

We offer a variety of commands and features as well as configuration in the plugin as you can see below.

  • Ability to set the spawn by using a command.

    • The permission node for it is "hubcore.command.setspawn".

  • Customizable server, cosmetics, and settings selector.

    • Settings.

      • Ability to toggle the scoreboard.

      • Ability to toggle player visibility.

  • Ender pearls to be able to fly around.

  • Blocks which are removed after a set amount of time.

  • Double jump enabled.

  • 99.9% configurability.

  • Supports chat color and hex color codes.

  • Supports custom model data.

  • Supports our plugin which is called Vortex as well as Vault.

✅ Dependencies

We suggest for you to use PaperSpigot 1.20 for the best experience, but you can see anymore dependencies below.

  • None.

Do you want to test the plugin? Join our test server at on Minecraft 1.20.

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