The best games and giveaways plugin on the market.

⭐ Description

Have you ever wanted to be able to interact with the community a little bit more? Now you can.

With our efficiently made technology, you can easily start a game, start a giveaway, and have a one in a kind experience.

The plugin consists of multiple games and giveaways, all made as efficiently as it can be. All of the messages are configurable to ensure an awesome user experience as well as supports chat color and hex color codes.

📄 Commands and Features

We offer a variety of commands and features as well as configuration in the plugin as you can see below.

  • Two types of games (Scramble and defuse).

    • Scramble is where the first person to unscramble a word wins.

    • Defuse is where a menu is opened with a variety of items in it and everyone has a certain item to click on and whoever clicks on every single one of their items first wins.

  • Two types of giveaways (Word and number).

    • Word is where everyone types a word in the chat and the plugin randomly picks one person to be the winner.

    • Number is where a random number is set and the first person to type it in the chat wins.

  • 99.9% configurability.

  • Supports chat color and hex color codes.

✅ Dependencies

We suggest for you to use PaperSpigot 1.20 for the best experience, but you can see anymore dependencies below.

  • None.

💵 Price

All of our plugins come with 24/7 support, feel free to make a support ticket in our Discord server if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

  • Jar: $10

  • Source code: $50

Do you want to test the plugin? Join our test server at dev.loganmagnan.com on Minecraft 1.20.

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